Grace Church
in New York


We are pleased that you are interested in Holy Baptism at Grace Church. Here, you will find a large, loving, and supportive family of Christians who will do all in their power to encourage you in your life in Christ.

From time to time, people ask about the requirements for Baptism. Must I be a member of Grace Church? Must I be an Episcopalian? Must I subscribe to certain formulations of various doctrines? The list can go on. Suffice it say, the only requirements to begin planning for a Baptism at Grace Church are:

  • A sincere desire to become a Christian
  • A readiness to begin (or continue) active participation in the life of Grace Church

If you are sure about both of those requirements, wonderful! It will be a delight to have you with us.

If, on the other hand, you are sure about the first requirement but not clear about the second, we invite you to worship with us at Grace Church on a Sunday. Feel free to introduce yourself to the clergy, attend any of our Bible studies or classes, and investigate our programs for children and teens. Do take the time to make sure Grace Church is right for you.

May God bless you as you contemplate Holy Baptism for yourself or your child.

If you would like to be baptized, or have a child to be baptized, please contact The Rev. Julia Macy Offinger for more information.

Map of Grace Church

802 Broadway

New York, NY 10003


An Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York