Grace Church
in New York


Brett Pertuz, Senior Warden

Mr. Brett Pertuz has been attending Grace for about 12 years and was brought to Grace by his then fiancée (now wife) Henrietta. He began in service to the Church on the 80 Fourth Ave board in 2010, joined the Vestry in 2011 and became a warden in 2013. Brett has found the opportunity to serve in this capacity extremely rewarding and welcomes the opportunity to continue to serve. The Pertuz family are regulars at the 9 AM service and Henrietta is an active member of Altar Guild team 3 (with Brett as an occasional substitute member). Their three children have all been baptized at Grace. Professionally Brett works for a private equity investment firm in New York.

Leona Chamberlin, Junior Warden

Mrs. Leona Chamberlin and her husband, Win Chamberlin, have worshipped at Grace Church for over 25 years. Their three children (Brandon, Felicity and Ned) were baptized at Grace Church and attended Grace Church School, and Brandon and Felicity were Grace Church choristers. Professionally, Mrs. Chamberlin is an attorney and recently retired as Associate General Counsel for New York University. In addition to her responsibilities as Junior Warden and for the Vestry, she also serves as Co-Head Usher and on the Newcomer Committee and is a Trustee of Grace Church School and The GO Project. She is eager to continue to serve Grace Church and our community in this capacity.

Anastasia Rotheroe, Treasurer

Mrs. Anastasia Rotheroe attends Grace Church with her husband Kevin and son Ian, a senior Chorister. She is the clerk of the Vestry, and active on the Music, Investment, and Youth and Family committees including extensive support of the Christmas pageant. Professionally, she is the Senior Investment Officer for European Equities at the Investment Management Division of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund. Prior to joining the UNJSPF in January 2002, she was a Director and Senior Portfolio Manager with Bankers Trust in London where she managed a global equity portfolio. Mrs. Rotheroe holds an MBA from Fordham University.

Elana Foundos, Clerk

Ms. Elana Foundos has attended Grace Church for 35 years. Her sons Justin and Luca D’Onofrio were baptized and confirmed at Grace. Justin sang in the choir and they were both acolytes for many years. Ms. Foundos and her husband Vincent D’Onofrio were Sunday school teachers for over 10 years. She is on the Altar Guild and is the outgoing President of the ECW of Grace Church. She has been on the Vestry for 3 years. Ms. Foundos is an artist and graphic designer and has a business ARTeffect.

Harper Anderson

Mr. Harper Anderson has been a parishioner of Grace Church since 2003. He met his wife, Teresa Conway, at Grace, and is step-father to Teresa’s children, Claire and Bennett. Harper is Associate General Counsel of LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), a national non-profit community development organization, grant funder, and lender established by the Ford Foundation. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Virginia, and of the University of Virginia School of Law.

John Berringer

Mr. John Berringer and his wife, Bonnie, have worshipped at Grace for nearly 15 years. John is an attorney and Of Counsel at Reed Smith in Manhattan. In the past, John has served as a member of the Outreach and Discernment Committees, the Newcomer Committee and the Open Door ministry. John is currently in his fifth year as a GO Project volunteer, working with 5th Graders. He is also one of the team leaders in charge of lay readers, ushers and altar preparation for one of the 6 p.m. Sunday services. John is a graduate of Williams College and The Law School of the University of Chicago. John and Bonnie are the proud parents of adult children Ben and Katie, who both were baptized at Calvary Church on Park Avenue South, where John and Bonnie formerly served on the Vestry.

Lethe Black

Mrs. Lethe Black and her husband Jaques have been worshiping at Grace Church since 2002. Not raised in the Episcopal Church, Lethe was thrilled to find a wonderful home in the Episcopal denomination, when she was welcomed to the Church 35 years ago. Jaques and Lethe attend the 6 PM service and are part of the altar team. Lethe is a member of ECW where her connections to Grace have grown. They have one grown, married son, Sebastian. Lethe recently retired from a career as a human resource manager with BNP Paribas and previously JP Morgan Chase.

Owen Boger

Mr. Owen Boger has been a member of Grace Church since 2011 and attends the 9 am service. He serves as a member of an altar team and is a newcomer ambassador. On the diocesan level, he has been active in supporting Episcopal Charities. He is a lifelong Episcopalian, married to Meg, and father of two young sons: James and Burke (who was Baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant, 2013). Professionally, he works for a growth equity firm based in New York and, prior to this, he held positions at Park Hill Group, Lazard and Lehman Brothers. Mr. Boger received a B.A. from Williams College.

Justin Brownhill

Mr. Justin Brownhill has attended Grace Church for 8 years with his wife Renee and daughter Mariah. He is active on the Outreach Committee, is a member of the Finance and Audit Committee, and looks forward to helping pioneer our parish partnership with Grosvenor Chapel in England. Professionally, he is managing partner of the merchant bank, SenaHill Partners, LP, bringing the experience of both executive management and investment banking to the Financial Services, Fin-Tech and Software sectors. A native of London, Justin received his BComm in Finance with distinction from the University of Calgary, Canada. Shortly upon arriving to NYC in 1994, he helped launch an inner-city youth program called Minds Matter of NYC, Inc. He still enjoys many philanthropic efforts, primarily focused on children and communities in need. He was a former international-level swimmer, and is involved as director on a number of corporate boards. He has been an active member of the Business Council of New Orleans and the Association of Trade Finance in the Americas (ATFA). He is an executive mentor to FinTech Innovation Lab’s Entrepreneurial Network, FinTech StartupBootcamp and Barclays TechStars.

David DiDomenico

Mr. David DiDomenico began attending Grace Church in 2009. All three of his children (Rafe, Charlie and Lucia) were baptized at Grace. All of the children are members of the choir and participate in the Christmas Pageant. His wife, Olivia Douglas, is a Trustee of Grace Church School where all of their children are enrolled. In 2012 David served as chair of the Power of Grace Campaign Committee. Service to the Church has been among his most rewarding experiences, and he is honored to be nominated for the Vestry. Professionally he serves as a general partner in a private investment partnership.

Douglas H. Evans

Mr. Douglas H. Evans and his wife Sarah E. Cogan have attended Grace Church since 1987. Their children, Anne, Thomas and Elizabeth, were baptized at Grace Church, served as choristers, and attended Grace Church School. Sarah spent many years on the Vestry and as Junior and Senior Warden. Douglas is a practicing lawyer. He is chair of the Vestry Development Committee and is currently serving on the Vestry to fill an unexpired term. Douglas has addressed this meeting many times in his twelve years as chair of the board of trustees of Grace Church School and now is honored and humbled to be asked to serve a full term.

Anne Rieselbach

Ms. Anne Rieselbach, husband Grant Marani and their children Julia and Matthew Marani have attended Grace Church regularly since September 2001, the year Julia joined the choir. Both children were choristers and attended Grace Church School. Anne has served on the Spire Campaign Committee, as Tour Guide and Open Door volunteer, Sunday School teacher, Bicentennial Committee member, on the more recent restoration committee, and the Archives Committee. She now serves on the Fabric & Grounds committee, co-chairs the Adult Education Committee, and regularly serves as a reader and chalice bearer. She has been serving on the benefit committee for the GO Project for the past decade. Anne is the Program Director at The Architectural League of New York, a non-profit cultural organization founded in 1881. She is a graduate of Lawrence University with a B.A. in Art History, has conducted graduate studies in Architectural History at Cornell University and is now studying at the General Theological Seminary towards an MA in Anglican Studies, with a focus on architectural/spatial form and liturgy.

Jason Slibeck

Mr. Jason Slibeck enjoys participating in the community of Grace and serving God in many different aspects of parish life. These include annual events like building the stable for the Christmas pageant, seasonal activities like participating as a Newcomer Ambassador, monthly activities like building with Habitat for Humanity or as a host to visitors through the Open Door ministry. Regular weekly activities also include ongoing support as the parent of a current and a former member of Grace Church Choir and Grace Church School. Grace Church has provided him with countless blessings and opportunities to put faith into action. Jason has been a member of the Vestry since 2015, serves as chairman of the Outreach Committee, and as a member of the Rector’s Task Force on Intentional Community Building. After multiple overseas deployments with the United States Navy, Jason and Sara Queen, his wife, moved to Stuyvesant Town and have raised their two children, Bennett and Emma, in the East Village since 1995. They still make frequent pilgrimages to eastern Kentucky where his extended family, reluctantly, has accepted that their original hope for a 2-year limit on the “living in NYC” adventure was not to be. Professionally, Jason is an entrepreneur who has been a key leader with a number of start-up companies and new ventures usually managing operations, technology, and multi-disciplinary teams. When not participating in the life and culture of New York City, he is avidly backpacking toward completion of the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail.

Erik Sorensen

Mr. Erik Sorensen has been a member of Grace Church for 11 years. He was the Coordinator of the Power of Grace Capital Campaign, and serves on the Music and Development Committees. He has served on the Vestry since 2012 when he was appointed to fill an unexpired term that came vacant. Erik is married to Melinda Weir, and they have three children: Mahlon, Katharine, and Anna, all of whom have been active as choristers and acolytes of Grace Church. Erik has spent his professional career in law and public policy.

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An Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York