Maundy Thursday through Easter Day

Dear Friends,

Today is Maundy Thursday, which means that we are entering the holiest time of the church year, what is traditionally called the Triduum. Triduum means “three days,” and it encompasses the time between Thursday and Sunday evenings of Holy Week.  Had we been in normal times we would have begun the Triduum by gathering together in the church tonight.  Obviously, we are still living through extraordinary circumstances, so the Maundy Thursday service will be on the livestream only.  I encourage you to tune in at 6 pm because, quite frankly, it will be worth it.  The service commemorates the day Jesus began with his life intact, but ended deserted by his friends and convicted of a capital crime.  Yet he was clear that what he was doing was for us and our salvation.  How can it be?  Julia Offinger will be the preacher and the Adult Choir will sing.  Here is the link for the Maundy Thursday bulletin and the livestream.

Then tomorrow, Good Friday, we will open the church and observe the day with a 12 noon service of sermons, hymns, prayers, and choral music by the Adult Choir.  Four sermons will take us to the foot of the cross and look on Jesus through the eyes of some of the people who were there.  I will be preaching about the disciple Peter.  Thomas Szczerba will take on the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate.  Harry Krauss will examine the soldiers who pounded the nails into Jesus.  Finally, Julia will sort through “all the Marys.”  Keeping track of all the Marys practically requires a scorecard, but we’ll have it straight by the time Julia says “Amen!”  The Good Friday service is open to the public and will also be on the livestream.  Here is the link for the Good Friday bulletin and the livestream.

Finally on Easter Day, April 4th, we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with two identical services at 9 am and 11 am.  The 11 am service will also be on the livestream.  Both services are open to the public, but pre-registration is required due to the reduced seating capacity of the church for social distancing.  At this time the 11 am service is full, but there is still room at the 9 am.  If you want to attend in person, pre-register here. Here is the link for the 11am Easter bulletin and the livestream.

Either way you participate, whether it be from a pew or through the livestream, Easter Day will be as glorious as we can make it and still maintain Covid safety.  Ellen McElduff and the flower guild will be working their magic to array the church with Easter joy.  We will unveil a new festive set of altar and pulpit embroideries that are the gift of Charlie Johnston (read more about them, below).  The children will enjoy an Easter egg hunt after both services, and even the magnolia tree in the rectory yard should be in full bloom!

It all begins tonight at 6 pm today, Maundy Thursday.  Here we go!

The Rev. J. Donald Waring