The Second Sunday of Easter
April 24, 2022

Dear Friends,

Today is Friday, April 22nd, also known as Earth Day.  Since 1970 the world has tried to pause on April 22nd and reflect on our need to care for the environment.  The movement has grown and fifty-two years later Earth Day has been called the world’s largest secular observance.  But I would hasten to add that Earth Day has profound theological, sacred underpinnings that should motivate people of faith to join in the work from our own perspective.  The writer of Genesis declares that God made the Earth and called it good.  The Psalmist praises God again and again for the wonders of creation.  Jesus invites us to consider the birds of the air and lilies of the field as examples of God’s affection for all living things.  Jesus’ attention to the smallest detail suggests that even the little acts we take can make a difference.

Last month I needed to run some copies for an upcoming Sunday Forum.  It was a one-page agenda for the class and I thought twenty sheets would be more than enough.  I selected the copier on the 2nd floor of the parish house and typed in 20 copies, or so I thought.  By the time I reached the 2nd floor I found a huge stack of paper waiting for me.  I must have typed in 200 rather than 20 copies.  I really do hate waste (especially wasting your pledge dollars!), so to atone for my ecological sins I’ve loaded the half-ream of runaway copies into my office printer to make use of the blank side.  I will be “considering” that ream of paper for a long time, but it sure beats dumping it into the recycling bin half used.

Psalm 19:1 is a familiar verse: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork.  Nature sings of God’s glory.  Last week we brought a good bit of nature inside the church to help us celebrate Easter Day.  Thanks to the many people who made memorial or thank offerings to the flower fund, Ellen McElduff and the flower guild had plenty to work with in beautifying the church.  The results are stunning, and all of it still will be in place this Sunday for you to behold.  But not for long!  After the services everyone is invited to take a potted plant to enjoy at home, or add to a garden, or give to someone who is housebound.  Let’s not have a melee; see the directions below!

It wasn’t just the flowers that made for a truly joyful Easter this year.  Many, many people came together and served to help proclaim that Christ is risen.  Musicians, ushers, acolytes, artists, readers, livestream technicians, parent volunteers, and numerous others all contributed to a meaningful Holy Week and glorious Easter.  What a joy to serve a parish that is brimming with eager talent.

See you in church.

The Rev. J. Donald Waring