January 24, 2020

Dear Friends,

Just a few weeks ago my picture appeared in The New York Times, and friends from near and far sent me clippings and links.  How did I come into my fifteen minutes of fame?  The answer is simple: I was in the right place at the right time.  More specifically, I serve a church that includes many amazing, creative, thoughtful parishioners.  One of them is Ada Calhoun, who has just written a book entitled, “Why We Can’t Sleep: Women’s New Midlife Crisis.”  On a Sunday last month Ada was coming out of the church after the service, and she had a photographer in tow.  As I was greeting Ada, the photographer said, “Say cheese,” and so I did.  Now I’m famous!  Click here to read the article about Ada, and scroll through the pictures to find me.

As we look ahead to this Sunday, we have another parishioner with a fascinating story to tell.  Steve Mumford is an artist who over a ten-year period traveled to some of the most dangerous places on earth – the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, where he served as a combat artist.  At this week’s Sunday Forum, Steve will be showing some of his watercolors and drawings, and talking about the experience of being there and creating them.  I am really looking forward to seeing Steve’s work and hearing what he has to say.  Frankly, it was only recently when I learned about Steve’s background.  It just goes to show you: you never know who might be sitting in a pew near you at Grace Church.

Read below for more information about Steve and his upcoming presentation.  The Sunday Forum meets at 10 am in the Reception Room.  Coffee and breakfast goodies are served.

See you in church.