Grace Church in New York

Lethe Black

Forty days at forty degrees


Quarantine in the Catskills

Tune: Hymnal # 150;

Forty days and forty nights

Forty days at forty degrees,
we began to quarantine.
Forty days at forty degrees,
like nothing we had ever seen.

Easter in our living room,
Finding old friends via zoom,
Painted everything in sight,
Watched way too much news every night.

We hoped for an early spring
and an end to this bad thing
but it didn’t work that way
plus it snowed on Mother’s Day.

Dark and cold though it might be
From Corona we were free.
Conscious of our privileged-ness,
prayed for those hurt in this mess.

Summer came, with great relief.
Now we watch the turning leaf.
Once again the fading light
And with little end in sight.

Six times forty seems enough.
We are tired of being tough.
As we face a frantic fall,
we pray for blessings on us all.

Lethe Black


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