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Chet Wargocki

Paradise Postponed

Last February my wife and I were offered an apartment in Paris for two weeks in April. It was located in our favorite quartier. We adore Paris. Its spirit runs as freely through my veins as its quotidian morning ablutions joyfully course the gutters of its streets. We immediately purchased airline tickets and made preparations. Then the pandemic slammed the door on all that.

Alas, Paris still calls, and we anticipate the eventual consummation of this deferred rendezvous. Until then, we have been taking French lessons every week, watching lots of French movies, and listening to Piaf and Charles Trenet. They say that learning a language is a good way to keep the brain agile. On espère!  

I’ve also been doing lots of cooking, and to that end I have attached a photo of my recent late summer vegetable tart along with a picture of me in our local bistro during our last Paris stay.

I hope to be back in church soon.

À bientôt j’espère.

Chet Wargocki


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