Karen G. Krueger, March 22, 2020
Children of Light

This Sunday’s Scripture reading.

From this Sunday’s Epistle: “Live as children of light — for the fruit of the light is in all that is good and right and true.”

As an Open Door Ministry volunteer, I have the privilege of spending time in Grace Church during the hours when it it open to the public. I greet visitors as they arrive, and answer their questions (if I can!).

Light is very much a part of this experience. The narthex is dimly lit, so when someone pulls open the heavy church doors, the daylight streaming through the doors can dazzle me. The visitor steps in, peers into the nave, and exclaims at the sight of the brightly illuminated Te Deum window and the soft colors shining through the other stained glass windows. I see visitors’ faces light up — there’s that metaphor — at the beauty of our church.

Our visitors are a diverse lot in every way. Some are neighbors, some come from across the world. Some are in need of help, others merely curious. Some spend only minutes, some hours. Some speak to me, some ignore me.

I believe all who visit us find something in Grace Church that their souls were craving: perhaps a moment of peace, or bodily rest, or reconnection with God. When I welcome visitors, I try to practice opening my heart and seeing each one as a child of God. Welcoming visitors as they receive the fruit of the light makes me more mindful of “all that is right and good and true.”