Sunday, May 31, 2020
The Day of Pentecost

Dear Grace Church,

This morning we awake to the groaning of our nation: illness, unrest, racism, and uncertainty have us crying out. For we people of faith, this is a prayer to God: Come, Holy Spirit, Come.

Pentecost is the day that we celebrate exactly this in the Christian Church: the coming of the Holy Spirit into the midst of the people as they formed the first church, 50 days after Easter. The Holy Spirit came as fire–not to comfort, but to energize a grieving people. We pray for this Godly fire to land on our hearts, as well, so that we may be agents of healing and God’s love in our world.

And we celebrate this day alongside a bittersweet send-off of our associate rector, The Rev. Chase Danford. He will preach to us (with some sermon bingo!) and we will wish him a fond farewell from wherever we are!

Please join us in prayer this morning. Alleluia, alleulia!

With love,

The Clergy of Grace Church

The Rev. J. Donald Waring, Rector

The Rev. Chase Danford, Associate Rector

The Rev. Julia Macy Offinger, Assistant Rector

The Rev. Thomas Szczerba, Pastoral Resident