August Epistle
July 29, 2022

Dear Friends,

Here we are towards the end of July already, and as always the summer seems to be going by more quickly than I wish it would.

As I type these words it is Thursday the 28th.  Last evening we enjoyed the second of our summer cookouts on the lawn of Huntington Close.  It was a terrific turnout (80 RSVPs!) and I thoroughly enjoyed grilling the burgers and hot dogs and catching up with folks – some of whom are still easing back to in-person events after the pandemic.  Thanks to all who came and all who helped, especially the GCW for scooping out many bowls of ice cream.  I still haven’t decided which is the more decadent treat: the ice cream or the kettle-cooked potato chips?  I suppose more taste-testing will be necessary to settle the question at our third and final summer cookout on August 31.

In the above paragraph I am aware that my use of the phrase, “after the pandemic” is not entirely accurate.  As we’ve heard many times, most of us our done with the pandemic, but the pandemic is not done with us.  At Grace Church we are no longer checking vax cards at the door and we are mask-optional.  Nevertheless, as the latest variant makes its way through the population, please err on the side of caution in crowded indoor spaces, and keep your vaccination status current.  Earlier today I went in for my second booster.  It took all of five minutes to register online, five minutes to walk to the drug store, and after a five minute wait I was done.  What a small price to pay if it spares me a week of quarantine this fall.  The vaccines are a blessing – a true gift from God through the medical community.

For the past many years I have used the month of August for vacation time, and that’s the plan again after services this Sunday, July 31st.  On our travels I look forward to worshipping God as a civilian in churches wherever we find ourselves, and I’ll do my best to soak it in and not critique the liturgy.  Julia will be here to steer the ship, and she will be welcoming and helping to orient our new Assistant Rector, the Rev. James Morton, whose first day in the office will be Monday, August 1st.  James will be jumping into the deep end of the pool.  He will be preaching at both morning services on August 14 and 28, while Julia will be in the pulpit August 7 and 21.  You can read more about James in the July Epistle, or on the church website.

In the midst of our deeply troubled world I give thanks to God for you, the people of Grace Church.  I am convinced that God has a high calling for us in our corner of society.  I look forward to the busy fall ahead, but in the meantime let’s all enjoy the last month of summer.

See you in September.

The Rev. J. Donald Waring