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The Grace Church Women (GCW) of Grace Church is a bastion of the church community, bringing together the women of the parish in fellowship, discussion, and service. The GCW has a mission to unite the women of Grace Church in a program that will serve the parish, the community, the Diocese, and the Church at Large. Its vision is to become a vibrant blend of all ages, coming together as a creative, energetic influence in the parish, inspiring all to bring their own unique contributions and talents as its members work to answer God’s call to serve.

Throughout the year, the GCW holds receptions and potlucks to bring together new and existing members. Check the section below for more information on upcoming GCW events. For more information about the GCW, please contact Teresa Conway.

In the fall of 2020, Grace Church Parishioners were asked to submit works of art, photos, video, or audio recordings showing what they had been doing for the last six months.

  • “Who were you with? Your family, dog, cat, friend.
  • What new project or craft you started? Cooking, sewing, painting.
  • What did you miss? Who did you miss?”

    We received an abundance of content: serious, amusing, thoughtful.

    Learn about your fellow parishioners!

    Visit the Grace Parish Showcase.


Worship Services:

Sunday 11 A.M. Wednesday 6 P.M. on this website, Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Recordings of previous worship services are also available.


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