The Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 8, 2022

Dear Friends,

First things first: Congratulations to Matthew Kopp, who has served on our staff as Manager of Membership and Development since October of 2019.  The bittersweet news for us is that Matt has accepted a new position with Cambridge in America, the American fundraising organization for the University of Cambridge in England. It was only five months after Matt arrived at Grace Church when the pandemic shut down life as we knew it. Nevertheless, he found ways to encourage us all to keep on giving, and he took great care in the accurate recording of all contributions. Matt was also instrumental in reviving Saving Grace NYC, Inc. so that now we have lively relationships with our neighbors who are not members but appreciate the presence of the church in the community. Matt’s last day in the office is today, and already we have launched a search for his successor. Stay tuned.

The second thing to highlight is the Sunday Forum this week. Dr. Laura Moore will be returning to continue what she began back in March. If you recall, Dr. Moore was here to help us get ready for Holy Week by tracing the history of the various liturgies through all the revisions of the Book of Common Prayer. What she had to share was so fascinating that we didn’t have time for the questions. So join in on Sunday, 10 am in the Reception Room.

Finally, the third thing to highlight is Episcopal Charities Sunday. In your bulletins this week you will find an envelope seeking your financial support for Episcopal Charities, the outreach arm of the diocese. Episcopal Charities funds parish-based feeding and tutoring programs throughout the diocese. Does your gift make a difference? It surely does. Imagine that you are underemployed and you have a family to feed. In your neighborhood is an Episcopal Church. You have no idea what the word Episcopal means, nor do you care how many times they have revised their prayer book. But you know they have a food pantry that helps to supplement what you’ve been able to put on the table. A grant from Episcopal Charities stocks the shelves of the pantry. For you it is manna from heaven.

Or imagine this: you are 19-years old, you barely graduated high school, and then you made some dangerously poor life choices. You find yourself in prison for a long stretch. You’re done, as far as the world is concerned. What you find in prison, however, is a program offering college courses. By the time you’ve served your sentence you’ve earned a college degree, and you have a future. Episcopal Charities provided the resources for it. Please use the envelope to make a generous donation – and do so in honor of your mother on Mother’s Day! To read more about Episcopal Charities click here:

See you in church.

The Rev. J. Donald Waring